Upcoming Workshops


Saturday December 8, 2-4:30pm

A workshop and open discussion about to self-love and how loving yourself heals the world around you. It's focus is to develop acceptance with your past, gratitude in the present moment and hope toward a peaceful future. This workshop will include postures (asana), breath (pranayama) and meditation. Bring a journal.

Teacher:  Mackenzie Hoge.

Christmas Eve Day Yoga

Monday, 9-10:15am

Give your agni (digestive fire) a boost and balance out the holiday indulgences.  Align and center yourself in this yoga class to stay grounded with an open heart as you move into all events and activities during this festive season.  (all levels)

Teacher: Jayne Bernasconi . $17 or class card



Saturday December 29, 12-1:15pm 

Through the use of tennis balls, we will start the class with a focus on releasing tight spots in our muscle fibers (knots) and increasing range of motion.


Teacher: Katie White ($17 or class card)



Tuesday January 1, 2019, 9:30-10:45am

Start the New Year with an inspiring, rejuvenating vinyasa flow class focused on setting our positive intentions for the New Year.

Teacher: Katie White ($7 or class card)



New Year's Yoga Nidra/ Meditation/Sankalpa

Tuesday January 1, 2019, 11-12:30pm

Class includes Nidra: lying down with guided visualization on marma/relaxation points, meditation, and info on how to set a sankalpa or intention for 2019.

Teacher: Jayne Bernasconi . ($17 or class card)




Yin Yoga

Tues. 4:30pm Jan. 1, 2019

Yin is a passive yoga practice in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes.  It is a great compliment to a more active or “yang” practice and allows for a more meditative approach to your practice

Teacher: Anabel Teuton ($17 or class card)  All levels.


Yoga and Food:  The Art Of Living Well Workshop

Saturday and Sunday January 5 and 6

$125 for one day or $225 for both days

How does food and exercise effect the mind body connection? What are micronutrients vs. macronutrients? How can we overcome obstacles, fear, and/or unhealthy habits with food?

With Jayne Bernasconi and her daughter Stacey.



Open House For 2019 Teacher Training
Sunday December 9, 3-4pm
Find out if teaching yoga is the right fit for you. Our training is an invitation to cross a threshold and deepen your yoga practice on every level.  Ask questions and get answers.  Bring a friend and find out what YOY's 200 hour training is all about. No registration, just come and learn if teaching yoga is the right step to a new career.
Our next training begins January 11, 2018.  Read more here


Teacher:  Jayne Bernasconi