Aerial Yoga Is Taking Off In Towson - Channel 2 News

Are you bored with your same old exercise routine? Have you been wanting to try something different, something a little more exciting? How does Aerial Yoga sound?

When you think of yoga you typically think of gentle movements coupled with breathing exercises but there's a new yoga trend that's taking shape in Baltimore and it's starting with Janye Bernasconi. Bernasconi is the co-owner of "Yoga on York" in Towson and she's taking yoga to new heights literally.

Bernasconi is teaching Aerial Yoga, a technique she pioneered nine years ago. Bernasconi says "it's taking traditional postures and moving them up into the air starting on the ground to center ourselves then gradually moving ourselves up into the air".

Aerial yoga sounds complicated but it consists of long drapes of fabric that are anchored from hooks hanging from the ceiling. The fabric is remarkably sturdy holding up to 1,000 pounds. While using the fabric for Aerial Yoga you can swing, hang upside down or wrap your entire body in the fabric Bernasconi also talks about another technique called binding. "We also do binds and so what you're doing is binding your body. It helps to shut off blood flow for a little bit and when you release the bind its letting the blood flush through the veins and the system flushing out impurities".

In addition to flushing out impurities there are a number of other benefits for the body and soul. "There's no compression on the spine when you invert so in traditional yoga classes you can do handstands or headstands if you do a headstand its putting compression on your spine but in Aerial Yoga your not getting any of the compression", said Bernasconi.

Bernasconi Aerial Yoga clients say they love the class and the movements of flying through the air. "It's a lot of fun I tell everyone that I bring here that I feel like a child. It tends to be a class where everybody is smiling or laughing", said Stefanie Falconi who takes the class about three times per week.

Bernasconi says her Aerial Yoga techniques can be catered to all levels and ages. "Its catching on many people come in and try it. It's mixed levels so I'll alter some of the exercises depending on what the needs are for instance a less difficult version", said Bernasconi. She added "anybody can come in and try it.

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