I have some exciting news to share...



After teaching and performing in the Baltimore area for 19 years, I'm taking a sabbatical to embark on a journey that will connect me with like minded folks interested in discovering more about themselves through the gifts of MOVEMENT. 

For the past 19 years...

I've been an adjunct dance professor at Towson University and studio owner of Yoga On York.   View my CV 

And in a few short weeks I’ll be in Boulder, CO at the International Aerial Dance Festival July 28 - Aug. 11th teaching and performing a world premiere "Below The Above." This festival is where I invented and introduced Aerial Yoga and mixed ability aerial dance back in 2002.

Check out the cool classes I'll be teaching at ADF.

so, I'll get right to the point...

Please contact me if you'd like to bring me in to your place of movement education for a class or a series of classes, workshops, teacher trainings (aerial yoga, aerial dance, traditional yoga) guest artist, master class, or residency.  




Spotlight On What I Have To Offer...

Aerial Dance, Modern Dance, Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Kirtan with Harmonium, Composition & Choreography, Sequencing & Flow (air, land or water)*, Improvisation, Repertory on small or large groups


What can you imagine?

Jayne & daughter, Stacey performing "Breath & Air"  2016

As A Movement Artist...

I am interested in exploring new ideas and boundaries. I've taught over 27,000 classes, averaging 15 classes a week for 35 years. Let's talk more if you'd like to bring a creative movement experiences to your space. (see example below)


Creative Choreography With Aerial Yoga Workshop....

Exploring the elements of time, space and energy while using aerial hammocks.  View video



What Are My Fees?

70/30 split. (me 70/you 30). This is open for negotiation depending on the duration of the offering. I will provide all of the information and flyers based on the topic of interest to help market the course but you are responsible for advertising and generating interest. I'm already planning on being on the East Coast (New England, New York, PA, Maryland, VA, WV, NC, TN) and then the West Coast: San Diego, CA and Portland, OR

Below is a new water based movement modality that combines contact improvisation, authentic movement and yoga in water. Let's talk more if this sounds intriguing and you have access to a clean body of water (76 degrees or above) such as a pool, a lake, or a bay near the ocean. Watch

Links to more of my work over the years.....

Aerial Yoga BT - The origins of Aerial Yoga

You Already Have Wings - Promotional for Jayne

Aerial Dance & Yoga . by Jessie Lamworth

Shelter Of The Fates - TU Aerial Repertory, 2017

Remembering Her Beauty - ADF, 2012

Robin & Jayne - A duet with wheelchair and roller blades

News Coverage - Forces of Ability (1990 - 1999)

 Aerial Yoga and Mixed ability Dance

Breath and Air - Theatre Project

Space Craft - TV coverage

For That Witch Flys - TU Aerial Repertory

Let me know if this interests you and we can chat further about how to co-create a workshop or other movement possibility.

Email: jbernasc@towson.edu or call: 443-600-1305.

Artistically yours,