The following classes are all LIVE STREAMING ONLINE USING ZOOM

Monday, April 6th

9:30 – 10:30am Yoga 1 & 2 with Sara Serina

Noon - 1pm - Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi

1:30-2:30pm – Community Chair Yoga with Elizabeth Spannhake

6-7pm - Gentle Yoga with Tanya Krausauskas

7:30-8:30pm - Community Yoga with Christina


Tuesdays, April 7th

9:30-10:45am - Yoga 1&2 with Jayne Bernasconi

1:30-2:30pm -  Advance Your Practice for Beginners with Elizabeth Spannhake

4-5pm. Yin Yoga with Anabel Teuton


Wed. April 8th

12-1pm Gentle Yoga with Jayne

4-5pm Aerial Yoga with Nancy Jeffreys

6-7pm – Community Yoga with Katie


Thursday, April 9th

9:30-10:45am. Yoga 1 & 2 with Jayne Bernasconi

11-12pm - Yoga For Mature Bodies with Joanna

4-4:45pm - Kids Yoga with Lisa Warren

5-6pm – Community Yin Yoga with Elizabeth Spannhake

7-8pm Community Int. Hatha Yoga with Daniel Kemp


Friday, April 10th

10-11:15am - Yoga 1 & 2 with Jessica Klaitman

12 – 1:15pm - Gentle Yoga with Sylvia Levenson

3:30-4:30pm - Teen Yoga with Lisa Warren

5-6pm – Community Yoga with MaryAnn Niclas


Saturday, April 11th

9-10:15am Yoga 1&2 with Jayne

5-6pm Community Yoga with Jill Yesko


Sunday, April 12th                                                                                                                                               

8:30-9:30am Gentle Yoga with Lisa Warren

10 – 11am Yoga 1 & 2 with Shannon Carley

5-6pm Yoga 1&2 with Nancy Jeffryes


We offer a variety of yoga classes both on the ground and in the air.  Check out the many different teachers at Yoga On York to experience the many different flavors of Yoga.

Aerial Yoga

Traditional yoga postures are adapted from ground to air using fabric hammocks that are hung hip level.  Some upper body strength is required for our mixed level aerial yoga classes offered on Wednesday evenings 7:30pm or Saturday mornings at 9:30am.  If you are a beginner, we suggest that you try Gentle Aerial Yoga offered Tuesdays at 6pm.  Please wear shirts that cover your underarms.  No jewelry, watches, zippers, velcro or anything that can snag the fabric.  No perfume, lotions, oil in hair.  

Beginner & Gentle Yoga

For those who need to slow down the pace, this calm and peaceful stretching and strengthening class integrates breathwork and meditation. This class is for anyone and everyone (ages 10 - 90) who has wanted to try yoga but is too intimidated to step into a studio. Breathwork (pranayama) is the main focus in building a strong foundation for transformation. 

Community Energy Medicine Yoga

This integrative yoga practice accessible to students of all levels for only $7 and includes asana poses, breathwork, meditation and Energy Medicine techniques such as acupressure holds, Neurolymphatic Reflex self massage and energy channel clearings. Classes may also include the use of therapeutic props such as massage peanuts and balance pods. EMYoga will help unlock the language of your body to amplify your healing power – mind, body and spirit. The result is a deep love, appreciation and acceptance of

yourself just as you are now, as you continue on a path toward your best self. It is yoga...electrified!

Community Yoga


For just $7 our popular community yoga classes combine detailed instruction with a blend of basic and intermediate postures. Some experience with yoga is suggested but not necessary. A great way to practice yoga for those on a tight budget.

Intermediate Community Hatha Yoga

This practice of physical yoga postures is a general category that aligns and calms the mind, body and spirit, preparing the body for deeper practices such as meditation.


Kids Yoga Workshops

This is an opportunity for kids to explore their own yoga practice. Students will begin to answer the question "What is Yoga?" as they learn the basics of postures and breath. This class is appropriate for children who are new to yoga, as well as for those who are continuing their practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga  consists of a series of passive floor poses held for 3-5 minutes that  work the lower and upper parts of the body - mainly in the connective tissue-rich joints of the the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, spine and shoulders. A great way to feel restored and renewed.

Yoga 1 & 2

Best suited for those who are familiar with basic yoga asanas, this class is for those who are looking to advance to the next level. Skill building  with some prior yoga experience helpful.

Yoga for the Mature Body

A mindful practice for maintaining flexibility and range of motion.    

Private yoga classes

Birthday party? Bridal shower? Anniversary? Short on time? 

Recovering from an injury?  Special needs? Too intimidated to walk into a yoga studio? You name it, we got you covered.  Private lessons and customized classes specifically for you and your needs. Email us at 

Love Your Brain-friendly classes


Love Your Brain-friendly classes are for people who have completed the 6 week workshop and are eligible for LYB-friendly classes for only $5.


If you have experienced a TBI (including concussion) or are a caregiver or support person, we invite you to join our yoga community!


Tuesdays 10-11am Yoga for the Mature Body with Joanna

Wednesdays 12-1pm Gentle Yoga with Jayne

Thursdays 11am-12pm Energy Medicine Yoga with Lynda

Fridays 12-1:15pm Gentle Yoga with Sylvia

Free 6-week program incorporates:

Gentle yoga to improve strength and balance
Meditation practices to reduce stress
Class themes to foster resilience and compassion
Facilitated group conversation to build community
Our programs start in January, April, July, and October