The following classes are all LIVE STREAMING ONLINE USING ZOOM

Monday, April 6th

9:30 – 10:30am Yoga 1 & 2 with Sara Serina

Noon - 1pm - Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi

1:30-2:30pm – Community Chair Yoga with Elizabeth Spannhake

6-7pm - Gentle Yoga with Tanya Krausauskas

7:30-8:30pm - Community Yoga with Christina


Tuesdays, April 7th

9:30-10:45am - Yoga 1&2 with Jayne Bernasconi

1:30-2:30pm -  Advance Your Practice for Beginners with Elizabeth Spannhake

4-5pm. Yin Yoga with Anabel Teuton


Wed. April 8th

12-1pm Gentle Yoga with Jayne

4-5pm Aerial Yoga with Nancy Jeffreys

6-7pm – Community Yoga with Katie


Thursday, April 9th

9:30-10:45am. Yoga 1 & 2 with Jayne Bernasconi

11-12pm - Yoga For Mature Bodies with Joanna

4-4:45pm - Kids Yoga with Lisa Warren

5-6pm – Community Yin Yoga with Elizabeth Spannhake

7-8pm Community Int. Hatha Yoga with Daniel Kemp


Friday, April 10th

10-11:15am - Yoga 1 & 2 with Jessica Klaitman

12 – 1:15pm - Gentle Yoga with Sylvia Levenson

3:30-4:30pm - Teen Yoga with Lisa Warren

5-6pm – Community Yoga with MaryAnn Niclas


Saturday, April 11th

9-10:15am Yoga 1&2 with Jayne

5-6pm Community Yoga with Jill Yesko


Sunday, April 12th                                                                                                                                               

8:30-9:30am Gentle Yoga with Lisa Warren

10 – 11am Yoga 1 & 2 with Shannon Carley

5-6pm Yoga 1&2 with Lisa Warren