Yoga For Everyone:  

Yoga Social Justice, Body Image & Anti-Racism Workshop

with Dianne Bondy

Open to all students, teachers and anyone interested in this topic

Earn CEU's 

Sat. Sept 26th & Oct. 3rd from 1-4pm


Yoga on York is thrilled to welcome Dianne Bondy (virtually) for this powerful workshop! Dianne is world-renowned public speaker, yoga teacher and trainer, author, and social activist. By the end of this 2-day Zoom workshop, you’ll be able to create inclusive spaces where all bodies are invited to participate in socially conscious yoga classes. As we work to redefine your body image, you’ll reclaim your personal power. Then, we will learn to serve the collective community by cultivating important allyship skills for underserved and underestimated communities.
This workshop is open to yoga teachers, studio owners, yoga students, therapists, or anyone in the wellness community. The course will be taught over two Saturdays and will include 3 modules (described below). Please join us as we work to make yoga a safe and inclusive space for all.
Part 1
UNPACK: Who are we? What do we believe and why?

The practise of yoga calls us to look closely at who we are, both on the mat and off. This practice of self-study—svadhyaya—is critical as we work to create a more just world and eliminate systemic racism and the marginalization of all oppressed peoples. In this module, we will explore:

Namaste: The light in me sees the light in you. Does it really?

Understanding our collective history. What is racism? How does racism differ from prejudice?

How bigotry, discrimination and lack of awareness have created an inequitable playing field in all areas of our lives.

Our cultural and personal belief systems, where they came from, and how they affect the lives of others every day.

Leveraging the lessons of the past to create a more just and equitable future.

Part 2
INCLUDE: Yoga, adaptability and accessibility
Yoga is a practice that is meant for everyone. But the modern yoga industrial complex would have us believe otherwise. Let’s explore how, as yoga teachers, we can make asana classes accessible for all who are called to practice. In this module, we will explore:

How to create safe spaces for all bodies to flourish within yoga spaces

Adapting traditional asana to fit more bodies

How accessibility in asana classes is about more than physical postures

The visible and invisible barriers that keep people away from yoga and what we can do to eliminate them

Part 3
ACTIVATE: Your yoga practice as a call to action for social justice

As yogis, once we know that people are being excluded from yoga, our practice calls us to make changes in our classes, our studios and in our communities to address it. It is not enough to recognize the exclusion and discrimination—we must actively use our position and power to rectify it. In this module, we will explore:

The three types of yoga: Karma—the yoga of action, Bhakti—the yoga of devotion Jnana—the yoga of knowledge

How each type of yoga can fuel our antiracism and social justice efforts

Devoting ourselves to moving from racist to anti-racist, both on and off the mat

The actions we can take to end inequity and injustice for marginalized identities using the teachings of yoga as our guide