Update:  We are planning to open our doors again Monday, July 6th, 2020 for in person classes at 50% capacity so please stay tuned for more information. If you'd like to get our newsletter with updates please email:  yogaonyork@gmail.com


 Online LIVE class SCHEDULE

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 Weekly Online Schedule until it's safe to re-open the studio.

Mondays (live streaming with ZOOM)

Noon - 1pm - Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi

6-7pm - Gentle Yoga with Tanya Krausauskas

7:30-8:30pm - Community Yoga with Christina Danaher


Tuesdays ( live streaming with ZOOM)

4-5pm. Yin Yoga with Anabel Teuton

6-7pm Community Yoga with Sara Serino


Wednesdays (live streaming with ZOOM)

12-1pm Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi

4-5pm Aerial Yoga with Nancy Jeffreys

6-7pm – Community Yoga with Katie White


Thursdays  (live streaming with ZOOM)

11-12pm - Yoga For Mature Bodies with Joanna Brandt

5:30-6:30pm – Community Flow & Glow with Elizabeth Spannhake


Friday (live streaming with ZOOM)

10-11am - Yoga 1 & 2 with Jessica Klaitman

12 – 1:15pm - Gentle Yoga with Sylvia Levenson

3:30-4:30pm - Teen Yoga with Lisa Warren

5-6pm – Community Yoga with MaryAnn Niclas


Saturday (live streaming with ZOOM)

9-10:15am Yoga 1&2 with Jayne Bernasconi


Sunday  (live streaming with ZOOM)                                                         

8:30-9:30am Community Gentle Yoga with Lisa Warren

10 – 11am Community Yoga 1 & 2 with Shannon Carley

5-6pm Community Yoga 1&2 with Nancy Jeffryes

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A  quick glance at some of your favorite teachers at YOY 

Back Row (left to right):  Sylvia Levenson, Daniel Kemp, Dave Ransone, Lisa Warren, Judy Powers

Middle Row (center to right):  Heathyr Dozier,  MaryAnn Niclas,  Katie White

First row (left to right):  Sara Serina, Lynda Holtschneider, Shannon Carley, Jessica Klaitman, Jill Yesko

lounging in front:  Jayne Bernasconi

(not pictured:  Anabel Teuton,  Joanna Brandt, Christina Danaher, Nancy Jeffryes)


Yoga allows us to go deeper within and connect with our truest nature.... peace.  And once you've found peace you can remember that feeling.  You know it's accessible at any time, at any moment, by turning inward.  Yoga helps us know our truest self.  Jayne Bernasconi, owner, YOY

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