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Begins May 28, 2021 (New Start Date!)

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Yoga: The Art Of Living Well
A Therapeutic One-On-One Mentorship Program
with Jayne Bernasconi

 Weekly Schedule On Zoom

Drop In:  $15

10 class card:  $140

20 class card:  $250

Monthly Unlimited:  $100 (Best Deal)


12 - 1pm - Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi 

6:30-7:30pm - Hatha Yoga (all levels) with Jeanette McTegart



10-11am. Yoga 1 & 2 with Jessica Klaitman  

6:30-8pm Intermediate Vinyasa with Deborah Quirk



7:30 -8:30am  Community Yoga (all levels) with Heather Freas-Kostic 

9:30-11am  Vinyasa Yoga (all levels) with Deborah Quirk

12-1pm Gentle Yoga with Jayne Bernasconi 

 6-7pm –  Flow Yoga (all levels) with Elizabeth Spannhake)



10-11:30am  YinFlow with Deborah Quirk



10-11am - Yoga 1 & 2 with Jessica Klaitman

12 – 1:15pm - Gentle Yoga with Sylvia Levenson 



9-10:15am - Hatha Yoga 1&2 with Jayne Bernasconi 



9-10am Hatha Yoga (all levels) with Jeanette McTegart

5-6pm Community Yoga 1&2 with Nico Jeffryes

Guided Meditations.  Choose between 4 different lengths.

  Looking to destress right now? 


Online Guided Meditations

Choose a 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 9 minutes or 15 minute meditation.

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