Yoga:  The Art Of Living Well

One-On-One Mentorship Program

with Jayne Bernasconi

"It is only our own illusions and perceptions that hold us back from fulfilling our greatest capacities."


Do you feel depleted, drained or exhausted?  Do you want to improve your overall health and well-being?  If you can imagine it, Jayne can help you create a better, more fulfilling life for yourself so that you can live the best version of yourself. 


Yoga:  The Art Of Living Well is a powerful program that uses Yoga to specifically face the challenges and obstacles in your life.  You will be guided on how to create an intention (sankalpa) and how to look at various components in your life.  Then, receive a unique and individual practice in a minimum of three sessions that will be designed for you using postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation that will guide you towards manifesting a better way of living your life.


Science proves that it takes 40 days to change our behavior in order to break from old habits and lay down new patterns of thoughts, speech and action.  Then, once you can retain the power to have your thoughts and mind under your control, there is absolutely no limit to what you can do in your life.


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About Jayne Bernasconi, M.A., E-RYT500

I have always had an intuitive way of listening to my body/mind/spirit when it comes to my work as a dancer and yogini.  In 1987, I discovered yoga in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where I danced for 8 summers.  Now in my 60's, I continue to be dedicated to my practice and consider yoga to be one of the greatest gifts we can give our health and well-being.  I was initiated into the Sri Vidya (an ancient Himalayan Masters tradition) and have completed 10 Master trainings with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga  which combines the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, Yoga Sutras, Tantra/Hatha, Mantra, Mudras and Yoga Nidra techniques. I earned a Masters Of Arts in Dance Education from Columbia University and I’ve been teaching dance and yoga at Towson University since 2000. Read full curriculum vitae here.

Consecration ceremony of the new Shrine at the Himalayan Institute, July 16, 2019