Testimonials from YOY's teacher training programs

"I appreciated being a part of a very diverse group of women whom each presented a unique and genuine relationship with yoga. The differences in personalities, interests, and demographics enriched my experience greatly and reminded me that yoga serves all ages, classes, and backgrounds. To quote Jayne B., “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”   Pam A


"I’ve gained so much admiration and appreciation for the beauty of the human body through this training.   I’ve noticed that I had stories and judgments sometimes about body styles, big, small, fit, not fit, etc that were never correct when the student began to practice.  I looked at a student and thought “he/she will never be able to do this!” and those students surprised and delighted me by becoming beautiful examples of flexibility and alignment in so many cases."        ~ Robin R.


A big “ah ha” moment I had during the training was realizing how drastically a small adjustment can effect the feeling and experience in an asana.   Also, learning about the Vayus and the Bandhas have helped increased my awareness as a teacher." ~ Hillary P.


I'm leaving training feeling confident that I can build an intelligent yoga sequence from warm up to savavana knowing where and when to place each pose and counter pose in between. I can identify apex poses and I know enough not to place them in the beginning of my sequence.  My index cards and notes are of most value to me.  I'm not much of an artist but creating index cards helped me remember the poses and Sanskrit names."  Tina P


During this training I felt about every way that a human possibly could - and the whole time I was going through the motions of my life, the Gita and the Sutras had something to say about it. It was a very clarifying and detoxifying experience to intellectually absorb these words of wisdom.~ Pilar D.

"I learned much of what I want to be as a teacher from learning, listening, and watching, Jayne.  She weaves her words together so well in cueing each posture.  Often in other classes, I wonder what the teacher is saying, but that never happened in class with you.  It seemed intuitive and beautiful."  ~ Robin R