Free Meditation Practices

Here are 4 different meditations of various lengths. Meditations are best when practiced early morning before your day gets going or at the end of the day. Try to set aside some time each morning or evening at the same time for best results.

3 Minute Meditation

3 minute awareness practice  to help establish you in your seat (asana) and calming the mind and body.

Breath Meditation

7 minute guided meditation to help bring more awareness to the interior space of your body and how the breath can help shape your energetic body.

Prana Dharna

10 minute guided meditation to streamline prana (our breath) to various points of our face (tip of nose, 3rd eye to midbrain).  This is one of the most ancient practices in the Sri Vidya tradition.

3 Altars of The Body

A 15 minute guided meditation to turn inward and experience the power of the three altars for insight, compassion and being rooted and grounded in sadhana. (Intermediate level).

This is a 9 minute video that works with  marma

points in the body. Yoga Nidra means Sleep Yoga

and is one of the most restorative ways to practice