Train at your own pace with this unique on-demand aerial yoga teacher training.


This collection of aerial yoga videos is presented by Jayne Bernasconi, inventor of Aerial Yoga in 2002. All of these videos will give you an in-depth view of the art of teaching aerial yoga. The clips are "bite-size" to help embody the knowledge and experience the training in a step by step format. Watch a clip then turn off the video and practice the posture or sequence that you just watched until you feel comfortable and secure with the information on each video.


This format allows you, the teacher trainee, to learn the art of teaching aerial yoga at your own pace. With clear instructions, inventor and pioneer of aerial yoga, Jayne Bernasconi, blends her classes and teacher trainings into this on-line training.


There are two ways to viewing the videos: #1.) All videos that begin with AY (aerial yoga) are clips from Jayne's classes at her studio so that you are able to view her teaching in action. #2.) All videos that begin with AYTT (aerial yoga teacher training) are specifically related to how to teach the material presented on the video. So, AY helps you observe how Jayne teaches the aerial postures and sequences and AYTT is a lecture on how to teach the specific postures.


This video series has more than 40 aerial yoga postures and sequences to help you understand the art of teaching aerial yoga.


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