Yoga & The Endocrine System: An Embodied Workshop

In person or on zoom

With Jayne Bernasconi

June 3-4, 2023

Sat. June 3rd  12-3pm

Sun. June 4th 1-5pm

$250 (zelle, venmo or paypal)

10 CEU’s


This workshop will cover:

·      What is the endocrine system?

·      Why is yoga good for the endocrine system?

·      How does the nervous system effects the endocrine system?

·      How can we regulate our hormone and nervous system?

·      Why is the endocrine system so important to keeping our body healthy?

·      Key components and technique to embody the endocrine system.

·      How to regulate the autonomic nervous system.

·      The importance and function of the vagus nerve.

·      Yoga exercises to strengthen the vagus nerve.

·      The importance of your health through Yoga Nidra.

·      How Yoga Nidra is connected to the endocrine system. 

·      The difference between Yoga Nidra and Meditation.

·      Why Yoga Nidra and Meditation are important in balancing your hormones.

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